Looking to get your own place? That’s awesome! We know that means A LOT more than buying a box made of bricks.

Maybe you’re looking for a family home. Perhaps this is your chance to make that long-awaited leap into independence. You might even be hoping to find somewhere to start a whole new life. Remortgaging? We’ve got you covered.

We’re Shared Ownership specialists, but that’s not all we do.

So, wherever you want your home-buying journey to lead you, there’s one thing you can rely on for sure: we’ll be here for you with amazingly helpful advice.

Every step of the way.

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Mortgage People

Most mortgage advisors will guide you through the process of buying a home or remortgaging. We do that too. With a human touch.

No doubt you're SUPER excited about becoming a homeowner. Or keen to get sorting a new mortgage crossed off your list. And while we know that these things can feel a bit overwhelming, we're here to guide you through.

In fact, we're all about being amazingly helpful. The more time, hassle and money we can save you, the bigger the pat on the back we'll give ourselves when you move in. And when it comes to 'selling'... we're totally not into that. Instead, we explain everything in simple terms to help you understand your options and decide what's best for you.

Many of our customers have found that our approach has really helped them to become a homeowner or remortgage with maximum ease and minimal stress. The result? Our customer rating on Feefo is never a shade less than glowing (yes, we're really proud of that!).

Take a look around the site, learn more about the steps involved, make an online assessment or just get in touch with your questions and we'll do everything we can to help.

Your home may be repossessed if you don’t keep up with your mortgage repayments.

There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The actual amount you pay will depend upon your circumstances. The fee is up to 1% of the amount borrowed but a typical fee is £500.



Meet the team

Work in partnership with our Shared Ownership specialists to get applicants through the buying process and into your properties faster.

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Meet the team

Work in partnership with our Shared Ownership specialists to get applicants through the buying process and into your properties faster.

Showing of our super team members

Alannah Linnane

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Alex Greaves

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Arlene Upton

Operations Manager

Catherine Davison


Christopher Hastings

Mortgage and Protection Consultant

Emma Malloch


Giovanni Buckley

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Grace McDougall

Head of Partnerships

Graeme Crisp

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Holly Dixon

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Ian Grice

Mortgage & Protection Consultant - Team Leader

Jags Phull

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Jaspal Tumber

Mortgage & Protection Consultant - Team Leader

Jessica Gouldthorp

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

John Griffin

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Joshua Clark

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Julie Johnston


Kathryn Skinner

Accounts Manager

Kelly Ford


Kelly McCabe

Managing Director

Louise Jacob

Mortgage and Protection Consultant

Milcah Stevenson


Niall Howard

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Ola Sandom


Paul Gillibrand

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Rebecca Thomson

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Richard Humby

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Robyn Burberry

Mortgage & Protection Consultant

Sian Allaway

Head of Client Accounts

Yasmin Schuck

Mortgage and Protection Consultant


We're big on sustainability.

Minimizing our impact on the environment – that’s a top priority.

To limit our carbon footprint, we encourage working from home and avoid travelling for meetings. The fewer emissions we produce the better. And after all, who likes commuting?

We’ve also cut printing to the barest of bare minimums. Which wasn’t easy in this paper-heavy industry!

Another thing we’re really into is giving back.

So every year we pick a local charity to champion and support. You can find out about this year’s choice below.

Can we do more? Yes, and we’re always making an effort to. If you’ve got any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them.

Please get in touch

Charity of
The year

We’ve chosen our charity for 2022-23. We’re proud to say we’ll be supporting The Tommy Crush Foundation, which helps children and young people who are vulnerable to suicide. Mental health is close to our hearts and the good people at Tommy Crush do lots of fantastic work in this area.

From encouraging donations to organising fundraising events and spreading the charity’s message on social media and in newsletters, we’ll do all we can over the next year to champion its cause.

Click below to find out more about The Tommy Crush Foundation and the amazing support the charity provides.

We're Hiring Team TMP

Join the TMP family

We’re on the lookout for fab people to join Team TMP!

The roles we offer are rewarding, varied and offer plenty of headroom for personal growth and career development. In our eyes, that’s really important. Because only happy, motivated people provide the kind of amazingly helpful customer service we deliver.

DEI is a big part of company culture here at TMP. We make every effort to ensure everyone who works here feels welcome, gets equal opportunities and has their voice heard.

Wellbeing is another biggie. We provide independent support and counselling to all team members where and whenever they might need it.

Most of us work from home but our HQ is available to anyone who prefers working in an office, whether that’s every day or once in a blue moon.

Sound like your kinda family?

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