What it means to be ‘amazingly helpful’

Woah. 2022 has been super busy. But it’s been important for us to take some time to reflect on what it means to be part of Team TMP; our values, the way we work, and the way we look after our customers and HAs.

In fact, we’ve been doing a whole bunch of work this year, looking into our standards, processes and our feedback. And thinking about what being ‘amazingly helpful’ actually means. Why? Because we want to be our brilliant best as much as we possibly can, and to have a fulfilled and engaged team who are ready and raring to help.

So, if you’re interested in what we’re all about as a company (or perhaps even joining us one day?!), here’s what makes us tick…

What we stand for

With us, it’s all about people. At Team TMP we believe that everyone should be able to own a home of their own and enjoy what they do for a living.

So, we invest in our team and technology, and we’re proud to be able to nurture our staff and provide them with opportunities to grow as we grow. This is particularly important to us as we change so often as a company; it really is a part of our DNA.

At the same time, we look after our customers and go the extra mile to give them the expert advice and information they need to clear the path to their own front door.

Whether we’re supporting a first-time buyer, communicating with a Housing Association, or talking over email, telephone, or socials – it’s important that we come across consistently and professionally. So we do that by holding our values front and centre.

Here at Team TMP, we value…

  • Straight-talking – Team TMP is open, honest and acts with integrity. We provide the best advice we can in every situation and never offer risky solutions.
  • Experience – We are not a call centre! We make sure every case is dealt with by qualified advisers with years (some more than others!) of experience.
  • Personal service – We’ve spent time perfecting our processes to ensure we provide the highest level of service, and making sure that customers have a consistently amazing journey with us.
  • Good technology – We like to make everyone’s lives easier by choosing the right technology for the right purpose. Because we understand how bloody frustrating it is when things don’t work.
  • Ethical sales processes – Nobody likes the ‘hard sell’! Yes, we rely on sales, but it’s the quality of our work and the way we deal with people that helps us attract new clients.
  • Chemistry – Relationship building is at the heart of everything we do. We’re not here to provide a bad service and call it quits; we want lifelong relationships.
  • Constant learning – As a company and as individuals we should keep learning and improving. Of course, we think we’re pretty good at what we do, but we’re always open to finding ways to be even better.
  • Rewarding hard work – Our ethos has always been that if we work hard, we will succeed. That’s why we LOVE a bit of healthy competition and why we always promote from within whenever possible.

The way we look after our staff

At TMP, we make it our business to be committed to team welfare. We take great care to look after our crew and one of the ways we do this is through the Employee Assistance Programme that gives anyone in the team access to 24/7 counselling and therapy. But we also encourage a chat with a line manager if there’s a work challenge that anyone needs a bit of extra help with.

Fostering a happy, motivated team is the beating heart of the way we do business – and quite frankly it’s just really blummin’ important for the mental health of everyone concerned. So, if anyone in the team is not feeling motivated or fulfilled by their work, or they’re struggling with an issue that’s niggling away at them, we will do everything we can to change that.

As a company that really thinks about its employees, and one that works entirely from home, we also provide top tips for virtual home-based working. Because it can be challenging to adjust to working at home if you’ve been used to an office environment. And we want to make sure that our team are chugging along happily and healthily.

Sustainability and community

It’s important to us that we work hard to limit our impact on the environment, and to have a positive influence on the community and society as a whole.

We do this by:

  1. Encouraging working from home to reduce commuting/transport emissions
  2. Holding meetings via video call instead of face-to-face where appropriate
  3. Digitalising our processes to reduce printing and paper consumption
  4. Supporting and promoting a charity of the year – one that is local and represents a cause that’s close to our hearts
  5. Running company-wide fundraising events
  6. Encouraging and supporting staff participation in sponsorship events

Can we do more? Yes, and we are. A big part of this means reducing our carbon footprint and driving down our consumption of resources, but it also means treating people with consideration and doing business in an ethical, fair, and transparent way!

But it doesn’t just stop here, this is an ongoing process. Team TMP are always looking to refine and continue to improve what we do so we keep on being amazingly helpful.

Holding our hands up

We don’t run TMP with the intensity of billionaire business moguls, we’re a bunch of genuine human beings and we’re just trying to do our best. Sometimes we slip up, sometimes we make wrong decisions, but we always try and move forward with the best intentions at heart. And when we do get things wrong – either for our team or our customers – we’ll say, ‘Hey, that wasn’t quite right’, before always following up with: ‘Let me sort it out for you’. It’s what we do.

The bottom line

We’re thrilled that our business continues to grow, and that our team does too – both emotionally and professionally. We’re committed to making sure that our customers are happy and that we give our HA partners the service they need. And that, in a nutshell, is what being amazingly helpful is all about!

Oh, and we’re always actively looking for people to join us, so if you know anyone who reckons that we’re the sort of company they’d get on with, please do shoot over a recommendation or invite them to get in touch.

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