Mortgage FAQs Category: All about assessment

Why do I have to send in my payslips and bank statements?

Payslips and bank statements are the best way for your lender to see that the levels of outgoings you have put in your application are correct. Mortgage brokers and lenders have lots of due diligence checks they must complete to comply with the requirements of the FCA, the regulatory authority. They must be sure they… Read more »

How does underwriting work?

During the assessment process your lender will use the information in the application we have submitted along with the documents they have asked for. You will have supplied us with payslips and bank statements, or if you are self-employed accounts dating back 2-3 years. Lenders will also refer to the information that credit reference agencies… Read more »

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is something your lender will do when they process your application. It’s a way of the lender making sure they don’t miss anything, or take on too much risk. Some lenders have humans that underwrite for them, they are called underwriters, while some lenders use an automated process to underwrite. However they underwrite, the… Read more »