Mortgage FAQs Category: The Final Push

Should I hand my notice in on my rented property?

Your solicitor will advise you when this can happen, make sure you keep in regular contact with them. We know you’re desperate to get moving but hold fire on handing in your notice. You don’t want to be left without somewhere to live. Until your solicitor has agreed a completion date with you and the… Read more »

Solicitors – what do they do?

Your solicitor will explain everything to you, just remember to ask them anything you’re unsure about. Solicitors are there to make sure your purchase goes through legally and accurately for you. They will go through a process called conveyancing to make sure there are no nasty surprises in your lease or for your property, such… Read more »

What is a mortgage offer?

This is what we’ve been working towards! Your mortgage offer is the formal approval for the loan you have requested. Please remember though, it’s only valid if your circumstances don’t change, and until a specified date. Check your offer as soon as you get it, if you spot a mistake after you move in it… Read more »