Credit check

A credit check is a facility used to check your past credit, payment habits and any existing loans and credit you have. It can also be used to assess how risky it is likely to be to lend you money.

Credit checks can either be ‘soft’ and not impact your report, or ‘hard’ which will leave a search on your report. You should avoid allowing too many hard credit checks to happen in a short space of time to make sure your credit score is not impacted. Your TMP adviser will be able to tell you what kind of check will be needed in your case, as each lender has different requirements. We will never give permission for a lender to carry out a credit check without your consent.

If you want to check your credit in advance, the one we use pulls together data from all four credit reference agencies. Get a free Check My File credit report by using their 30 day trial. Click here (it’s subsequently £14.99 per month and you can cancel at any time).